A House on I Can Do It Street

Imagine with me God the Father seated on His golden throne, His feet resting comfortably on a velvet foot stool. The air is heavy with the fragrance of flowers; Hillsong music is playing quietly in the background. He looks over the side of His throne down to earth and suddenly His eyes widen in horror, His feet drop to the floor with a thunder that shakes heaven and He says with a slight edge of panic in His voice, “Jesus, My Son, come quickly. Look at what Joe just did! Did Your sacrifice cover that?!” Jesus extends a nail-scarred hand to rest gently on the Father’s shoulder, “Yes, Father, My blood covers even that.” No, that conversation just ain’t gonna happen.

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One Comment on “A House on I Can Do It Street”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Thank you for this article. It was interesting and it helped a lot; now I know how to let go of the guilt that was pushing me away from God! Thank you!

    I’m sorry for the loss of your child.

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