Responding to God’s Love

Experiencing God’s love is foundational to our spiritual well being. Mat 7:24-27 House built on the rock or on sand. God’s love is shown to us in Jesus Christ. Isaiah 64:6 Our righteousness is filthy rags. Rom 3:23 While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus fulfilled the righteous requirements of God’s justice where we could not. 2Cor 5:21 He took upon himself our sin so that we can live free with the promise of eternal live. That is love!

Yet for all of us our experience of God’s love is colored by the type of love we have experienced from parents, family, friends. Hidden agendas, conditional love, love with strings attached is the love we receive in the world. Christmas gift exchange. Testimony.

1John 4:9-10 God’s love is a gift without condition, without expecting something in return. Rom 5:8 While yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Three things you need to know about God’s love:

  1. Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Rom 8:35-39 Drawn on His hand.
  2. It is characterized by giving. John 3:16
  3. It restores hope, security and peace. Mat 11:28-30

 How do I respond to God’s love?

  1. Embrace it. God’s love is always with you and it is unconditional. Rom 8:15 Abba, Father.
    1. Meditate on the Word: Rom 8:1, 2Cor 5:21, 2Cor 5:17, Rom 8:39, 1Cor 13, Gal 2:4-10, 1John 3:1, 1John 3:16, 1John 4:18, Identity in Christ.
    2. Have you been rejected, disappointed, betrayed? Join the club known as the human race. Make the step of faith that, despite the ways people have failed or rejected you, you will trust in God’s love.
  2. Imitate it. Pastor Doug: “The surest sign of ownership is the ability to give something away.” I can’t give what I don’t first possess. 1John 3:17-18 Just as faith is an action, so love is an action. Gal 5:6 Faith must express itself through love.
    1. Love the one who is unlovable.
    2. Love the one who can give nothing in return.
    3. Love yourself.
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