The Power of Identification

Identification is standing before the judge and he overrules the prosecutor’s recommendation. Rom 1:16 The Gospel reveals God’s righteousness. 2Cor 5:21 substitution. Man got us into trouble, man must get us out. He shared our separation so we can share His victory. Mat 27:46 My God, why have You forsaken me. The Father turned away from His Son as Jesus took on our sin. 1John 3:8 Destroy the works of the devil. 2Cor 5:17 New creation. What old things need to pass away? Time to change your vocabulary. Rom 8:29 Jesus is the firstborn. I’m not a sinner saved by grace. I have a new nature. Rom 3:21-24 Righteousness by faith. If by works I fall from grace. It’s not if I try real hard. Righteousness as though I have never sinned before. Christ has set us free.

I am accepted. As righteous as Jesus. Identification. I am connected to His death, burial and resurrection. Flying coach. There is no economy class righteousness. Helpless in myself. Acts 17:28 In Him we live and move and have our being. Rom 4:25 raised for my acquittal. Rom 6:6 Off the slave market of sin. If I share in Christ’s death then I share in His resurrection. That’s identification. Rom 8:31 If God is for me who can be against me. Old self executed. No new charges can be brought.

I will never feel worthy enough. Bombarded with condemnation, fear, doubt, unbelief. Devil is the accuser of the brethren. God hasn’t changed His mind. Isaiah 43:25 does not remember my sin. Devil is good at remembering sin. Who are you listening to? Drugs have side effects [Meth: insomnia, hallucinations. Cocaine: dizziness, loss of smell.] Side effect of Gos-pills: forget sin, can’t hear devil’s voice, live in freedom.

Mat 11:28 Jesus’ yoke. Yoke of not feeling worthy enough. Get it in your mouth. Speak it. Boldness. Rom 8:1 No condemnation. Not trying to be acceptable. I am accepted. Identification. Rom 10:9-10.

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