I receive dozens of emails each day offering:

“Call right now for your degree.”

“Get a degree with no problems.”

“Need a diploma? Call us.”

“Online diplomas here.”

Did you know you may not get into heaven without a PhD? “Oh great, I barely passed my GED.”

PhD = Poor, hungry, and driven.

Poor: Mat 5:3 poor in spirit. Humble. Open to God’s guidance. No place for pride. Ready to receive. The kingdom of God can only be received by empty hands. Not about low self esteem but understanding my position in Christ. Kingdom of God is present tense. Rom 3:10 No one righteous. Rom 3:23 all have sinned. Isaiah 64:6 Our righteous deeds are like filthy rags. 2Kings 5:1-14 Healing of General Naaman of Syria. Luke 18:9-14 Pharisee and tax collector. Self-pity will not set me free. The Kingdom of God is not something I deserve, it is the result of grace.

Hungry: Searching for God. Psalm 42:1 As the dear pants for the water.  Isaiah 54:1-9 Desperate for change. Recognize “I can’t do it on my own.”  Hunger means not satisfied with the ordinary. Not complacent, self-satisfied. St. Augustine: “You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” I have to be dissatisfied, discontent with the way things are. I must discover my need for Him.

Driven: Focused. No Plan B. Mat. 7:13-14 Narrow gate takes dedication, perseverance. Like taking a wrong exit on the freeway, need to get back on track. Luke 22:42 Not my will but Thine be done. Mt 11:12 NIV forceful men lay hold of the Kingdom. “I tried Christianity. It didn’t work for me.” You work for Christianity. “I want more of you God….kinda.” That doesn’t cut it. Desperate. Phil 3:13-14 press toward the goal. New Year’s resolutions. Need that drive every day of the year.

God wants men with a PhD. Are you willing to be poor, hungry, driven?

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